In Search of the Lost Voice: The Reconstruction of Incomplete Polyphonic Masterpiece

University of Padua, Conservatory of Music ‘Arrigo Pedrollo’, Vicenza
April 26th-30th 2021

Many compositions from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries survive in an incomplete state. It was standard practice to publish each part in a separate partbook, often the size of a slender pamphlet. Not surprisingly, some have disappeared, leaving an extensive repertory of compositions missing one or more voices. Usually, these compositions are not performed in concert or recorded, and sometimes they are not even transcribed or studied. If we were able to learn them, we could get to know better also the compositions that have come to us complete. During the Spring School, this problem was addressed by reconstructing the missing parts of several compositions, at least hypothetically, considering the theoretical, methodological, analytical, and philological aspects that such a proposal entails.

Recordings of the reconstructed compositions performed by Quoniam Ensmble

Screenshots of the zoom sessions

Press and reviews
- Il Giornale di Vicenza, April 27th 2021
- NEMA Newsletter V/2 (Autumn 2021)

Scientific direction: Marina Toffetti

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Download: Program (PDF format)